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Kategori: 20ende århundrede
Denmark and the Marshall Plan (Ministry for Foreign Affairs)

Strenge kår - gyldne år (Spies, Margrethe.- Red)

Konge og Hær (Thorsen, Svend)

Danmarks Rigsdag (Thorsen, Svend)

Fra Genforeningstiden: Konge og hær (Thorsen, Svend)

Kategori: Afrika
The White Nile (Moorehead, Alan)

Krigerhyrderne (Marshall Thomas, Elizabeth)

Mit Blitzlicht und Büchse im Zauber des Elelescho (Schillings, C.G.)

Det harmløse Folk (Marshall Thomas, Elizabeth)

På opdagelse i Afrika (Sterling, Thomas)

I morgen har vi fri (Loveridge, Arthur)

Hos Albert Schweitzer i Urskoven (Ryssel, Edith)

Kategori: Aksemagterne
Hitlers sidste dage (Trevor-Roper,- H. R.)

The great offensive (Werner, Max)

The Lions of Carentan (Griesser, Volker)

German Paratroopers (McNab, Chris)

Japan at War (The editors of Time-Life Books)

Lebenbeschreibungen des Führers (No Authour)

Dönitz and the Wolf Packs (Edwards, Bernard)

Theresienstadt. Survival in Hell (Oppenhejm, Melanie)

The Rising Sun (Zich, Arthur.- and the editors of Time-Life Books)

Motive for a Mission (Douglas-Hamilton, James)

Jüdisches Schicksal in Köln 1918-1945 (Matzerath, Horst.- editor)

The Norwegian Volunteer Legion of the Waffen SS 1941-1943 (Landwehr, Richard)

Insignia of the Third Reich: Cloth badges and emblems (Angolia, John R.)

The German Oppositions to Hitler (Rothfels, Hans)

Mengele (Posner, Gerald L.- John Ware)

Die jüdischen Opfer des Nationalsozialismus aus Köln (Rogmann, Gabriele)

Sigtet for spionage (Christensen, Edith Yoxall )

Es begann an der Weichsel (Thorwald, Jürgen)

Vi Eichmann sønner (Anders, Günther)

Italy at War (Adams, Henry.- and the editors of Time-Life Books)

Kategori: Allierede
Papuan Campaign (Military Intelligence Division)

Marine. U.S. Marine Corps, heros of the Pacific War (Field, Ron)

Demokratiets soldat. Bogen om Dwight Eisenhower (Davis, Kenneth)

The Capture of Makin (Historical Division)

De engelske Hvidbøger (De engelske Hvidbøger)

Flight to freedom (Donnet, Michael)

The Grenadier Guards 1939-1945 (N/A)

Divisions of the British Army 1939-45 (Bellis, M. A.)

48 million tons to Eisenhower (Leigh, Randolph)

They also Serve (Bitschine, Harold)

Logistical Support of the Armies (Ruppenthal. Roland G.)

The Transportation Corps: Movements, Training, and Supply (Wardlow, Chester)

Secret Agent (Stafford, David)

All in the Day's March (Belchem, Major-General David)

Every Man to his Post (Michie, Allan A.)

A Record of the War. The sixth Quarter (Graves, Philip)

A Record of the War. The eighteenth Quarter (Graves, Philip)

Bomber Barons (Bowyer, Chaz)

Demokratiets soldat (Davis, Kenneth S.)

The quiet canadian (Montgomery Hyde, H.)

Kina Smith (Reynolds, Quentin)

A Record of the War. The Twelfth Quarter (Graves, Philip)

The Admiralties. Operations of the 1st Cavalry Division (Historical Division)

Ti R.A.F. drenge (Forbes, Athol.- Hubert Allen)

Paa Felttog med The Buffs gennem Italien (Juel, Aage)

The Diary of a Staff Officer (A Staff Officer)

Five Days in London (Lukacs, John)

Triumph in the West 1943-1946 (Bryant, Arthur)

Angrebet på Saint Nazaire (Phillips, C. E. Lucas)

British Broadcasting and the danish resistance movement (Bennett, Jeremy)

Dunkirk. The british evacuation, 1940 (Jackson, Robert)

Feltmarskal Alanbrookes Krigsdagbøger (Bryant, Arthur)

Malta Konvoj (Hunter, Anthony.- Peter Shankland)

The Home Front: U.S.A. (Bailey, Ronald H.- and the editors of Time-Life Books)

SOE - 1940-46 (Foot, M. R. D.)

The Alexander Memoirs 1940-1945 (Alexander of Tunis, Field-Marshal Earl)

The Turn of the Tide - Triumph in the West (Bryant, Arthur)

Malta Konvoj (Hunter, Anthony.- Peter Shankland)

A man called Intrepid (Stevenson, William)

Guam. Operations of the 77th Division (Historical Division)

Sømand og soldat (Lassen, Anders)

Malta at Bay (Oliver, R. Leslie)

Kategori: Amerika
The mighty Mississippi (Keating, Bern)

Gone are the days (Kane, Harnett T.)

Norwegian americans (Soike, Lowell J.)

The Westerners (Brown, Dee)

Reconstruction: After the Civil War (Franklin, John Hope)

Amerika - Chronik Handbuch (Steilberg, Dr. Hays A.- Thomas Flemming)

Voyage of The paper Canoe (Bishop, Nathaniel H.)

The National dream - The last spike (Berton, Pierre)

Danish Emigration to the U.S.A. (Larsen, Birgit Flemming.- Henning Bender.- red)

All the best in South America (Clark, Sydney)

History of the Conquest of Mexico (Prescott, William H.)

I det yderste Vesten (Heye, Arthur)

The will to succeed (Benson, Adolph B.- Red)

Buckskin & Buffalo (Taylor, Colin F.)

Norwegian- American studies. Volume 30 (Bjork, Kenneth O.- red)

Out of the West (Wilson, Rufus Rockwell)

Norwegian- American studies. Volume 27 (Bjork, Kenneth O.- red)

The coming fury (Catton, Bruce)

Indian Mythology (Ions, Veronica)

The Forbidden Voyage (Reynolds, Earle)

Kategori: Anden Verdenskrig generelt
The Berlin Diaries 1940-1945 (Vassiltchikov, Marie "Missie")

Det skulde saa være (Oppenhejm, Ralph)

The Commandos (Miller, Russell.- and the editors of Time-Life Books)

The Soviet Juggernaut (Ziemke, Earl F.- and the editors of Time-Life Books)

Target Germany (Hutchinson, Paul.- and more)

Across the Rhine (Davis Jr., Franklin M.- and the editors of Time-Life Books)

Dunkerque (Collier, Richard)

Allieret med fjenden (Nørballe, Ancher)

Military Improvisations During the Russian Campaign (Department Of The Army, Historical Division)

The world almanac book of World War II (Young, Peter.- ed.)

Der Fall von Berlin (Read, Anthony.- David Fisher)

The Wooden Horse (Williams, Eric)

Liberation (Blumenson, Martin.- and the editors of Time-Life Books)

The Pacific War Atlas 1941-1945 (Smurthwaite, David)

The World at War (Arnold-Forster, Mark)

Krigen i billeder (Smith, Ole.- red.)

Øjenvidner til anden verdenskrig. (Rothberg, Abraham)

Das letzte Geheimnis (Bethell, Nicholas)

War in the Outposts (Rigge, Simon.- and the editors of Time-Life Books)

1940. Det historiske år (Thompson, Laurence)

The Battle of Britain (Fitzsimons, Bernard.- and Christy Campbell)

Odhams History of the Second World War (O Neill, H. C.)

Thunder out of China (White, Theodore H..- Annalee Jacoby)

The Aftermath: Europe (Botting, Douglas.- and the editors of Time-Life Books)

The Italian Campaign (Wallace, Robert.- and the editors of Time-Life Books)

World War II (Heiferman, Ronald)

Singapore. Der Fall einer Bastion (Thürk, Harry)

Krigen 1939-1945 (Møller, Erik.- Red)

The Secret War (Russell. Francis.- and the editors of Time-Life Books)

Morderne iblandt os (Wiesenthal, Simon)

The second front (Botting, Douglas.- and the editors of Time-Life Books)

The Neutrals (Fodor, Denis J.- and the editors of Time-Life Books)

Command Decisions (Greenfeild, Kent Roberts.- General Editor)

1940 - Det historiske år (Thompson, Laurence)

The road to Tokyo (Wheeler, Keith.- and the editors of Time-Life Books)

Bombers over Japan (Wheeler, Keith.- and the editors of Time-Life Books)

Solen blev sort - danskere i japanske fangelejre (Lauritsen, Birthe)

1944: Road to Victory (No author)

Pre-Invasion Bombing Strategy (Rostow, W. W.)

Den nøgne ø (Braddon, Russell)

Anne Frank og hendes Verden (Anne Frank Stichting)

The air war in Europe (Bailey, Ronald H. - and the editors of Time-Life Books)

U-Boat Commander. (Cremer, Peter)

The war in the Desert (Collier, Richard.- and the editors of Time-Life Books)

WW II (Jones, James)

Potsdam agreement (Doernberg, Stefan.- Preface by)

Bitter Ocean (White, David Fairbank)

Return to the Philippines (Steinberg, Rafael.- and the editors of Time-Life Books)

The USA in World War 2. The Pacific Theater (Welsh, Douglas)

Anzio: The bid for Rome (Hibbert, Christopher)

Nuremberg (Irving, David)

The War in Pictures (No Author)

Solen blev sort - danskere i japanske fangelejre (Lauritsen, Brithe)

The Resistance (Miller, Russell - and the editors of Time-Life Books)

Options of Command (Dupuy, Colonel Trevor N.)

Kategori: Antik - kunst - arkitektur
Borg og Slot (Werner, Sigvart - billeder af)

Römische Bauten (Poulsen, Vagn)

Dansk kunsthaandværk gennem 400 aar (Kunstindustrimuseet)

Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister Dresden (Walther, Angelo - edi.)

W. H. D. Koerner (Stolz, Gerd)

Silkebroderede lærredsduge fra 16. og 17. århundrede (Garde, Georg)

Guder i forårslys (Wivel, Ole)

A Nasty Piece of Work (Law, Roger)

The Success and failure of Picasso (Berger, John)

Frederic Remington (Hassrick, Peter H.)

Se selv - Just look (Thomsen, Svend)

Malerei der deutschen spätgotik (Buchner, Ernst)

El Greco 1541 - 1614 (Løppenthin, Ida)

De næsten ukendte (Friis, Palle,- med flere)

The Edith Ehrman Collection of Japanese Prints (Sotheby Parker Bernet)

Die Galerien Europas. (No Author)

French painting XIXth century (Rocheblave, S. (Translated by Douglas Lord))

Sparebøsser (Friis, Palle.- og Svend Thomsen)

Albert Engström. Konstnären (Barthel, Sven)

The Western Paintings of Frank C. McCarthy (Storz, Frank)

The French Empire style (Gonzalez-Palacios, Alvar)

A Treasury of Art Masterpieces (Craven, Thomas.- edited by)

Dragernes Rige (Jacobsen, Kristian.- Jens Erik Sørensen.- red.)

Kategori: Asien - Oceanien
Tuan og Jeg (Keith, Agnes)

Gæst i Thailand (Ulrich, Per)

Australien (Skouboe, Esther)

This is Kashmir (Gervis, Pearce)

Forunderlig skønhed (Thomsen, Sys.- Oversat og genfortalt af)

The Eastern Gate. (Moore, Janet Gaylord)

Gensyn med mine stillehavsøer (Grimble, Arthur)

Tahiti (Hammar, Marie)

Gensyn med mine Stillehavsøer (Grimble, Arthur)

The Kingdom of Armenia (Chahin, M)

Japan. I gaar - i dag - i morgen (Lajtha, Edgar)

The Dragon Wakes. China and the West, 1793-1911 (Hibbert, Christopher)

Coopers Creek (Moorehead, Alan)

Junglens Pimpernel (Kampen, Anthony van)

Lotus og drage (Boyer, Martha)

Stenalderfolket på Ny Guinea (Matthissen, Peter)

I Vietnam (McCarthy, Mary)

Oldtidens Kina (Thomsen, Rudi)

Kategori: Befæstningsanlæg
Befæstningsanlæg i Danmark 1858-1945 (Christensen, Peter Thorning)

Bohus Fästning 700 år. Antologi kring jubiléet (Gustafson, Kenneth.- Redaktör)

Kategori: Blandinger
I virkeligheden (Sandbæk, Ulla.- Elisabeth Uldall)

Magasin du Nord. Saisonen 1890-91 (Th. Wessel & Wett)

Praktisk digital fotografering (Nykrog, Thomas)

Noder og unoder (Borge, Victor.- Robert Sherman)

A Source Book in Theatrical History (Nagler A. M.)

Kvindens Aarhundrede. Hun med Ham i Verdens Fremtid (Scheel, Esther)

Det Kongelige Theaters sidste Blaataarns fange (Bokkenheuser, Knud)

Blomster under Glas (Klougart, Asger - Vagn Aage Halling - Grethe Clausen)

Af hans vandrebog (Sthenius, Hans Christensen)

Dagen deres verden gik under (Thomas, Gordon.- Max Morgan-Witts)

Smørrebrød og koldt Bord (Bang, Asta)

Facts and Fiction 2 (Kjeldsen, Poul.- J. Dahlmann-Hansen)

Paris (Gauthiez, Pierre)

Holberg og Le Nouveau Theatre Italien (Stender Clausen, Jørgen)

Gammelt legetøj & dukker (Nellemann & Thomsen,)

The Observer's book of Heraldry (Mackinnon, Charles.- of Dunakin)

Møntauktion 708 (Nellemann & Thomsen,)

Orders, Decorations and Medals (Kavaliauskas, Vilius)

Miscellanies (Cook, James)

Mathematik verständlich dargestellt (Meschkowski, Herbert)

Bidrag til Fremførelsens historie i Danmark (Arnholtz, Arthur.- Karen krogh)

The loving touch (Cawthorne, Nigel.- red.)

Ballet Retrospect (Haskell, Arnold L.)

Toy wars (Miller, G. Wayne)

The Complete Stayman System of Contract Bidding (Stayman, Samuel M.)

The Scotch Whisky book (Skipworth, Mark)

Kappen - The Overcoat (Gogol, Nicolai)

The Kama Sutra (Vatsyayana)

Det gyldne hus (Heiner, Jørgen.- Elsebeth Aasted, Per Brink Abrahamsen)

Dansk Theaterkunst (Diverse forfattere)

Det Kongelige Hoftheater og Theatermuseet ved Christiansborg (Neiiendam, Robert)

Primalskriget 1-2 (Janov, Arthur)

Modern Perspectives in the Psychiatry of Old Age (Howells, John G. (Editor))

Alverdens heraldik i farver (Volborth, Carl Alexander von)

Moderne ægteskabsproblemer (Gottschalk, Helmuth)

Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei (Marx, Karl; Friedrich Engels)

An die ferne Geliebte (Beethoven)

The Economics of Subsistence Agriculture (Clark, Colin and Haswell, Margaret)

Afhandlinger i udvalg (Müller, Th. A.)

Die Mecklenburg-Strelitzer Orden und Ehrenzeichen (Ohm-Hieronymussen, Peter)

Das Drama (Geisenheyner, Max - Jung, Kurt M)

Heraldry in England (Wagner, Anthony)

Ind i musikken. (Bastian, Peter)

Besat af Ecstasy (Smith, Lynn Marie)

Know your Lathe (Boxford)

Kategori: Danmarks besættelse
Besættelsen i perspektiv (Jespersen, Knud J. V..- og Thomas Pedersen- red)

Kim (Malthe-Bruun, Vibeke)

Frihedsmuseet (Kjeldbæk, Esben og Kjeld Thorsen)

Besættelsestiden 9. april 1940 - 5. maj 1945 (Ravn, Ole)

Menneskefælden (Oppenhejm, Mélanie)

The Giant-Killers (Thomas, John Oram)

Jeg har levet mit liv i lyset. (Olesen, Elith)

Kim (Malthe-Bruun, Vibeke.- udgivet af)

Kim (Malthe-Bruun, Vibeke)

Paa en urias post (Thune Jacobsen, E.)

Kategori: Dansk militærhistorie
Livgarden 1908-1933 (Thaulow, Th)

Sessionen - i historisk perspektiv (Thorsteinsson, Hjalmar.)

Underofficeren. 1945 nr. 10 (Særmark Thomsen, K.- red.)

Sjællandske Divisions Telegrafkompagni (Rochler, P. C. - Museumsinspektør)

En dronning, og Hendes Regiment (Hedegaard, E. O. A.)

Hjemmeværnsgaarden Vandstedgaard (Lauritsen, Birthe)

Den danske soldat (Thaulow, Th.)

Vort forsvar (Tholstrup, N. L.- O. R. H. Jensen.- red.)

Livgardens kaserne & Rosenborg Eksercerplads 200 år (Gram-Andersen, Jesper)

1. Bataillons historie (Thiede, C. E.)

Livgarden gennem 300 aar (Thaulow, Th. -Ernst Mentze og M. Friis Møller. Red)

3. Dragon Regiments Forening (Zeemann, F.- Anthon Maaløe)

Troppesamlingen. Dannevirke 1862 (Telegrafregimentets Historiske Samling)

Samsø - i krigsaarene 1801-14 (Thaulow, Th.)

Skyttens a.b.c (Tholstrup, N. L.)

Flyvende humor (Aalbæk-Nielsen, B.- red.)

Den skæve rekrut fra Allborg (1871-1872) (Schmidt, Ruth)

Livgarden gennem 300 aar (Thaulow, Th. - Ernst Mentze og M. Friis Møller. Red)

Livgarden 1908-1933 (Thaulow, Th.)

Træk af dansk militærmedicins historie (Thorsteinsson, Hjalmar.- red. : Erik Schroeder)

Danske Soldaterforeningers Landsråd, 50 år (Thorgils, Benny.- red.)

1. Regiments Soldater-Forening gennem 25 aar (Thorsen, H. B.)

Underofficeren. 1944 nr. 12 (Særmark Thomsen, K.- red.)

Underofficeren. 1945 nr. 7 (Særmark Thomsen, K.- red.)

Hjemmeværnskompagni 2410 (Thomsen, Jens S.- red.)

Jo, du kan - Elitesoldat i Jægerkorpset (Moltke-Leth, Nicolai)

Underofficeren. 1945 nr. 6 (Særmark Thomsen, K.- red.)

Kategori: Danske forfattere
Jørgen Lykke (Jensen, Thit)

Fra fjeld og dal (Greensteen, H. J.- udg.)

Gyldendals magasin 26 (Schmidt-Madsen, Line - Ansvarshavende i 1977)

Af Hugo Davids liv I-II (Nathansen, Henri)

Det daglige brød (Becker, Knuth)

Der var det igen (Smith, Johannes)

Fra Wienerkongressens Dage (Thorsøe, Alex)

Sne på hendes ansigt (Thomsen, Thorstein)

Gyldendals magasin 25 (Schmidt-Madsen, Line - Ansvarshavende i 1977)

Guds øje (Steensen-Leth, Bodil)

Flugten til Amerika (Winther, Christian)

En fridag til fru Larsen (Christensen, Martha)

Naar toget kører (Becker, Knuth)

Himmel og Helvede (Thorup, Kirsten)

Chr. Winthers Poetiske skrifter (Tuxen, Poul.- red. med flere)

Troskabsprøven (Nansen, Peter)

Thermopylæ (Branner, H. C.)

Stjærnen bag gavlen (Bjørnvig, Thorkild)

Nærmeste pårørende (Egholm, Elsebeth)

Gyldendals magasin 15 (Jensen, Erik Vagn. - Red.)

Røverne i Skotland (Thomsen, Knud H.)

Alle mine onkler (Olesen, Thøger)

Døden kom til helligtrekonger (Thorgaard, Jørgen)

Syrenbusken (Dinesen, Thomas)

De tre smaa piger (Rode, Edith)

Kurs mod solnedgangen. Nye rejsedagbøger (Hansen, Thorkild)

Gyldendals magasin 19 (Jensen, Erik Vagn. - Red.)

I gårs fortræd (Christensen, Martha)

Jomfru Fanny (Steensen-Leth, Bodil)

Balkanrejse (Linnemann, Willy-August)

Borgmesteren i Monteporco (Thomsen, Knud H.)

Syv Seglsten (Hansen, Thorkild)

Gyldendals magasin 20 (Jensen, Erik Vagn. - Red.)

Fortællinger i prosa (Winther, Christian)

Tusindfryd (Christensen, Martha)

Jesper Spillemand (Olesen Løkken, Thomas)

Elskede ukendte (Thorup, Kirsten)

Vejen gennem bjergene (Thomsen, Knud H.)

Sølvbryllupet paa Højgaard (Lange, Thomas)

En summende oldenborre blandt kirsebærblomster (Lindemann, Kelvin)

Thomas Friss Historie. Fortælling (Schandorph, S.)

Gyldendals magasin 8 (Jensen, Erik Vagn. - Red.)

Det lykkelige Arabien (Hansen, Thorkild)

Rejsedagbøger (Hansen, Thorkild)

Povl Dam (Olesen Løkken, Thomas)

De Bedragne (Hiorth-Schøyen, Rolf)

Lille jonna (Thorup, Kirsten)

En roman om Første-Konsulen (Malling, Mathilde)

Træsnit (Winther, Christian)

Udvalgte Fortællinger (Thyregod, C. A.)

Gyldendals magasin 27 (Schmidt-Madsen, Line - Ansvarshavende i 1977)

Dansk lyrik. 2 bind (Nielsen, Erling (red))

Den lange sommer (Thorup, Kirsten)

Guvernørens frue (Malling, Mathilda)

Alavastégir. Fortælling fra Den yngre Stenalder (Ottosen, Martha)

Dengang - før nu... (Lindstrøm, Thorvald)

Af Livet og Naturen. Skildringer, ældre og nye (Lange Thomas)

Ulysses von Ithacia (Holberg, Ludvig)

En vinter i Jægergaarden (Fleuron, Svend)

Kongen (Gravlund, Thorkild)

Den erotiske Hamster (Jensen, Thit)

Comedier (Overskou, Th.)

De tre ældste danske Skuespil (Birket Smith, S.)

Rektors elev (Noach, Esther)

Den nye lov (Gravlund, Thorkild)

Aarbog 1916 (Jensen, Johannes V.)

Sange i Betlehem (Hjeresen, Axel)

Samtale med Goethes kat (Sadolin, Ebbe)

Høvdingebørn (Christensen, Martha)

Stenkælderen (Thorgaard, Jørgen)

Jalousi (Heltberg, Grethe)

Eva Skyttes venner (Malling, Mathilda)

Rigets arving (Jensen, Thit)

Two Fairy Tales. The Emperors new clothes - Jack the Dullard (Andersen, H. C.)

Ulvejagt i Thessalien (Poulsen, Frederik)

I tidens klo (Rode, Edith)

Corpus delicti (Mathiasen, Jøgen)

I gamle Essinge by (Gravlund, Thorkild)

Mennesker i Mondo (Rode, Edith)

Martin Luther. Fortælling (Knudsen, Jacob)

Mens Nordlyset danser (Stefánsson, Fridjón & Thorsteinn)

Vejfarende (Thuborg, Anders)

Timen før daggry (Thomsen, Knud H.)

Pejlemærker (Rode, Edith.- red.)

Klavs Bjerg og Bodil (Løkken, Thomas Olesen)

Andre dage (Thorgaard, Jørgen)

Hjortens flugt. Et digt (Winther, Christian)

Den yderste grænse 1 + 2 (Thorup, Kirsten)

Den rene satan (Hansen, Gynther)

I Danmark er jeg født (Diverse forfattere)

Hjortens flugt. Et digt (Winther, Christian)

Degnen (Gravlund, Thorkild)

Syrenbusken (Dinesen, Thomas)

Døden kom til jul (Thorgaard, Jørgen)

Kongen fra Sande (Jensen, Thit)

Hjortens flugt (Winther, Christian)

Legenden om Villa Valmarana (Kosovic, Birgithe)

Invitation til at rejse (Boberg, Thomas)

Kongen fra Sande (Jensen, Thit)

Fortællinger fra Thorshavn (Heinesen, William)

Liv og legeme (Egholm, Elsebeth)

Kolber til en Klode. (Flensborg, Herluf Th.)

Under stjerner - Sfærenes musik (Larsen, Thøger)

Edwardsgave (Lemche, Gyrithe)

Leviathan (Hansen, Martin A.)

Ruths Bog (Plesner, Einer)

Bo i Thailand (Muus, Flemming B.)

Gyldendals magasin 7 (Jensen, Erik Vagn. - Red.)

Tunnellen (Kellermann, Bernhard)

Livskunst uden Filosofi (Rode, Edith)

Tulte var en høne. (Brønnum, Ove.- Sv. Aage Clausen, Frank Jæger, Finn Methling)

Danske soldater fortællinger (Lundbo, Orla.- Red.)

Udvalgte skrifter !-2 (Lange, Thomas)

Gyldendals magasin 1 (Jensen, Erik Vagn. - Red.)

I randen af hverdagen (Smith, Johannes)

Fra Tahiti til Thyborøn med Nordkaperen (Kløvedal, Troels)

Børnene paa stranden (Singer, Margrethe)

Suk hjerte (Willumsen, Dorthe)

Kategori: Danske kolonier
Slavernes Skibe (Hansen, Thorkild)

Vore gamle Tropekolonier (Petersen, Sophie.- og Arne Ludvigsen)

Kategori: Essays, kronikker, debat
I skudlinjen (Flott, Søren - Laursen, Thomas og Sønnichsen, Ole)

Yogien og Kommissæren (Koestler, Arthur)

Paa vagt for Danmark (Gotthardsen, Niels Jørgen)

Om Demokratiets Fremtidssejr (Mann, Thomas)

Around the Cragged Hill (Kennan, George Frost )

Lotusen og Roboten (Koestler, Arthur)

Liv og kunst (Brandes, Georg)

Virkeligheden. Artikler og Foredrag (Larsen, Thøger)

Frihedskampen (Bartholdy, C.)

Kategori: Europa
No more Comrades (Heller, Andor)

Florens (Bierfreund, Theodor)

Roma Sacre (Sinthern, P. Peter.- Geleitwort)

The fall of the house of Habsburg (Crankshaw, Edward)

Min lille verden i Tessin (Rüegg, Kathrin )

San Michele (Munthe, Axel)

The Fifteenth Century 1399-1485 (Jacob, E. F.)

Our Leave in Switzerland (Kübler,Arnold.- Gottlieb Duttweiler u. Werner Bischof)

The price of my soul (Devlin, Bernadette)

Europe adrift (Newhouse, John)

Italiensk rejse (Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von)

Coronation Commentary (Dennis, Geoffrey)

Zum hundertjährigen Bestehen der Wiener Stadtbibliothek (Amt für Kultur und Volksbildung der Stadt Wien (Hrsg.))

Kategori: Europæisk oldtid & middelalder
Handbook to the Roman Wall (Collingwood Bruce, J.)

The Viking Achievement (Foote, Peter.- David M. Wilson)

Anglo-Norman Warfare (Strickland, Matthew.- editor)

Rural Economy and Country Life in the Medieval West (Duby, Georges)

Early Wars of Wessex (Major, Albany)

Alfred. The Good Soldier (Peddie, John)

The Norman achievement (Cassady, Richard F.)

The Normans and their Myth (Davis, R.H.C)

The Romans in North Britain (Rowland, T. H.)

The Celts (Powell, T. G. E.)

Saxon England (Embleton, G. A. and Banting, D. R)

The Life and Times of King John (Ashley, Maurice)

Ridder og Klerk (Southern R. W.)

Spain at the Dawn of History (Harrison, Richard J.)

The Barbarians. Warriors & Wars of the Dark Ages (Newark, Tim)

The Life and Times of William I. (Ashley, Maurice)

The Age of Chivalry. The story of England (Bryant, Arthur)

The Reign of Stephen (Stringer, Keith J.)

The Buildings of Britain Anglo-Saxon and Norman (Service, Alistair)

Roman Britain and the English Settlements (Collingwood, R.G.- J.N.L. Myres)

Trade and Industry in the middle ages (Postan, M., and E. E. Rich, editors)

The Atlas of Medieval Man (Platt, Colin)

Kategori: Finland
Kampene i Suomussalmi (Siilasvou, Hj.)

Kategori: Flyvning
This was Air Travel (Palmer, Henry R.)

Modern Military Aircraft Anatomy. (Eden, Paul.- Soph Moeng.- general editors)

Specialized Aircraft (Chant, Christopher)

The Birth of the Luftwaffe (Schliephake, Hanfried)

Sub Busters. Countering the Submarine treat (Halberstadt, Hans)

Die Geschichte der Fliegerei (Simons, David.- Thomas Withington)

Lost Airlines Liveries (Morton, John K.)

Blue Steel (Hall, George.- Jon Lopez)

The book of Flight Tests (Bramson, Alan)

Air Combat (Time-Life Books)

Emergency. Crisis on the Flight Deck (Stewart, Stanley)

Phantom Guardians (Soulaine, Daniel)

Meilensteine der Luftfahrt (Spick, Mike)

Sub Busters (Halberstadt, Hans)

The Modern Civil Aircraft Guide (Donald, David.- editor)

Air Assault from the sea (Allen, Patrick)

Soviet Air Power (Robinson, Anthony)

Københavns lufthavn 1925-1975 (Westphall, Povl.- red)

Aircraft of the U.S.A.F. sixty years in pictures (Ellis, Paul)

Pocket Guide to Military Aircraft and The Worlds Air Forces (Donald, David.- Editor)

Cockpits of the Cold War (Nijboer, Donald)

The Aeroplane pictorial review (no 5) (The Staff of Aeroplane and Astronautics)

Helicopter Fighters. Warbirds of Battle (Lightbody, Andy.- Joe Poyer)

Modern Air Combat (Spike, Mike .- Bill Gunston)

Modern Air Combat (Gunston, Bill.- Mike Spick)

The Debt We Owe (Bishop, Edward)

Fighters. The Worlds great Aces and their Aeroplanes (Park, Edward)

Williams (Handleman, Philip)

Vectors to Spare (Brenlove, Milovan S.)

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Yeovilton (Verier, Mike)

The Royal Air Force of World War Two (Freeman, Roger A.)

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Strike Eagle. Flying the F-15E in the Gulf War (Smallwood, William L.)

Aviation (Nayler, J. L.- E Ower)

North American P-51 Mustang (Johnsen, Frederick A.)

Fluggesellschaften und Linien Flugzeuge (No author)

Dijon (Blackman, John)

Encyclopedia of Civil Aircraft (Donald, David.- editor)

The Encyclopedia of the Worlds Combat Aircraft (Parsons, Iain. editor)

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A History of Combat Aircraft (Ellis, Chris)

Aviation Pocket Guide 1-5 (Various Authors)

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Kaneohe Bay (Mansfield, Steve)

Modern Fighter Aircraft (Thornborough, Anthony)

Jet Liners. Wings across the world (Cole, Lance F.- John K. Morton)

Beyond Lion Rock. The Story of Cathay Pacific Airways (Young, Gavin)

F-15 (Gething, Michael J.- Paul Chrickmore)

Encyclopedia of World Military Aircraft (Donald, David & Jon Lake (Editors))

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Janes Air Forces of the World (Wragg, David)

Oshkosh. The world's biggest Aviation event (Addison, Colin)

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Modern Attack Aircraft (Spike, Mike.- Tim Ripley)

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Nellis (Hall, George)

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Northrop F-5/F-20 (Scutts, Jerry)

Firepower Air Warfare (Bishop, Chris)

Baden Söllingen (Bennett, Chris)

No Frills (Calder, Simon)

T-6 Texan. The immortal Pilot Trainer (Jesse, William)

Fighters (Bruce, J. M.)

The wonder book of the RAF (Golding, Harry)

The Classic Civil Aircraft Guide (Donald, David.- editor)

Civil Aircraft (Chant, Christopher)

F-111 Success in Action (Thornborough, Anthony M.- Peter E. Davies)

Luft og Rumfartsårbogen 1989-90 (Aalbæk-Nielsen, B.- red.)

The Encyclopedia of Modern Military Aircraft (Eden, Paul.- editor)

Mid-East Aces. The Israeli Air Force Today (Handleman, Philip)

Trafikfly (Munson, Kenneth)

Kategori: Forfattere, kulturpersonligheder m. m.
Johannes R.Becher. - Schriftsteller der Gegenwart (No author)

Ernst Krenek (Schmidt, Matthias (Hrsg./Ed.))

Niels Hausgaard (Hausgaard, Niels.- Nielsen, Thorkil Green)

Giorgio Vasari (Rud, Einar)

Theodor Fontane (Fontane, Theodor)

Martin Luther (Lilje, Hanns)

Herzl (Herzl, Theodor.- Elon, Amos)

Goethe (Kaper, Ernst)

Memories of Beethoven (Beethoven, Breuning, Gerhard von)

Schiller (Dilthey, Wilhelm)

Luther. Sein Leben und seine Zeit (Friedenthal, Richard)

Herremanden (Laursen, Jesper- Eva Schmidt)

Der var engang (Rode, Edith)

The life of Raymond Chandler (Chandler, Raymond.- MacShane, Frank)

Chr. Erichsen, 1867-1967 (Erichsen, Chr.- Winther. Chr)

Ungdoms- og kærlighedsbreve (Carlyle, Thomas - Jane Welsh)

Thomas Mann und sein Werk (Stresau, Hermann)

På sporet af Sandemose (Sandemose, Aksel.- Wæth, Johannes)

Knuth Becker og hans baggrund (Becker, Knuth.- Sørensen, Johs. V.)

Jens Munk (Hansen, Thorkild)

Niels R. Finsen (Finsen, Niels R.- Thulstrup W)

Dage med Nis Petersen (Petersen, Nis.- Jørgensen, H. Th.)

Om Sandemose. - en rapport fra Jante (Sandemose, Aksel.- Wæth, Johannes.- red.)

Alverdens læge (Heiser, Victor)

Thorkild Gravlund (Gravlund, Thorkild,- Woel, Cai M.)

Martin Luthers Liv og Hovedværker (Luther, Martin.- Severinsen, P.)

Filantrop og Skribent (Jørgensen, Alfred Th.)

Minderige Steder i Grundtvigs Liv (Grundtvig.- Holt, Thyra)

Morten Luther (Pontoppidan, Morten)

Hvorfra? Hvorhen? (Jensen, Thit)

Nørre Uttrup i mit bakspejl (Berthelsen, Ole)

War within and without (Lindbergh, Anne Morrow)

Bertolt Brecht. Leben und Werk (No Author)

Træk af Carl Brosbølls (Carit Etlar) liv og hjem (Brosbøll, Anna)

Thomas Mann (Schröter, Klaus)

Johannes Ewald (Ewald.- Thomsen, Sigurd)

Gamle minder (Graae, Thomas)

Erindringer (Bewick, Thomas)

Kalejdoskopet drejes (Boesen, Arthur)

Bodil Ipsen (Ipsen, Bodil.- Kragh-Jacobsen, Svend)

Dagbogsoptegnelser (Lundbye, J. Th.)

Johann Wolfgang Goethe (Roos, Carl)

Niels R. Finsen (Finsen, Niels R.- Thulstrup, W.)

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Retfærdighed-ikke hævn (Wiesenthal, Simon)

På Togt i Erindringen (Rode, Edith)

More than meets the eye (Mydans, Carl)

Daniel Krath - en kartoffeltysker (Sørensen, Elsa Steen)

Doktoren kom (Thykier-Nielsen, Ejnar)

Erinnerungen 1905-1933 (Heuss, Theodor)

Niels Juel og mig (Methling, Finn)

Høg, lån mig dine vinger (Bergstrand-Poulsen, Elizabeth)

Goethe (Roos, Carl)

Aksel Sandemose og Jante (Sandemose, Aksel.- Wæth, Johannes)

Walli. Historien om Walther Jessen (Nissen, Henri)

Pige fra Provinsen (Heltberg, Grethe)

Ungdoms erindringer. (Goethe)

Leonhard Frank - Hans Fallada (No Author)

Hilsen til Jacob Paludan paa halvtredsaarsdagen (Paludan, Jacob.- Lundbo, Orla)

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Thorvaldsens sidste år. 1838-44 (Wilckers, C. F.)

Min fra var sagfører (Schønning, Christian B.- Vagn Bro og Detlef Thomsen.- red.)

Edith. -en skæbne i et bundt breve (Loerges, Margrethe)

Særling fra verdens ende (Thomsen, Anders Houmøller)

Marquis de Sade (Sade, Marquis de.- Thomas, Donald)

Jens Munk (Hansen, Thorkild)

Goethe bogen (Jørgensen, Johannes)

Thurø og Tom (Kristensen, Tom.- Johansen, Johannes)

Thomas Kingo (Kingo, Thomas.- Ludwig, Chr.)

The life and times of Mozart (Pugnetti, Gino)

Th. A. Müller (Nørgaard, Felix.- red.)

Kategori: Forhistorisk - arkæologi
KUML 1999 (Årbog for jysk arkæologisk selskab)

Danmarks sydgrænse (Bjernum, J. - Th. Ramskou)

Vikingetidens navigation og Amerikas opdagelse (Thirslund, Søren)

KUML 1980 (Årbog for jysk arkæologisk selskab)

To hundrede danske oldsager (Brøndsted, Johannes.- Therkel Mathiassen)

Kuml 2007 ( Årbog for jysk arkæologisk selskab)

KUML 1979 (Årbog for jysk arkæologisk selskab)

Bjarkemål (Olriks,Axel -gendigtning/)

Stenaldereksperimenter i Lejre (Dehn-Nielsen, Henning.- Redaktion)

KUML 2004 (Årbog for jysk arkæologisk selskab)

KUML 1968 (Årbog for Jysk Arkæologisk selskab.)

KUML 1967 (Årbog for Jysk Arkæologisk selskab.)

The Vikings (Graham-Campbell, James and Dafydd, Kidd)

Med Arkæologen Danmark rundt (Thorvildsen, Elise og Stephan Kehler.- red)

KUML 1973-74 (Kjærum, Paul.- red.)

Vor skjulte kulturarv (Hvass, Steen)

Tools & Tillage (Steensberg, Aex.- Alexander Fenton and Grith Lerche.- ed.)

KUML 1964 (Årbog for Jysk Arkæologisk selskab)

KUML 1966 (Årbog for jysk arkæologisk selskab)

KUML 2001 (Årbog for jysk arkæologisk selskab)

Kategori: Frankrig
Den franske revolution (Carlyle, Thomas)

La vie de Conspirateur 1793-1797 (Bessand-Massenet, P.)

La fin D'une Société (Bessand-Massenet, P.)

Den franske Revolutions Historie (Thiers, Ad.)

Kategori: Første verdenskrig
War in the Garden of Eden (Roosevelt, Kermit)

Nordsøslaget den 31. maj 1916 (Heiberg, C. V. Th.)

The 32nd Division in the World War 1917-1919 (Michigan and Wisconsin, Joint War History Commissi)

Battle-Fields Of The Marne 1914 (Michelin)

King Alberts Book (Daily Telegraph)

White Heat : The New Warfare 1914 - 18 (Terraine, John)

Narrow Gauge at War (Taylorson, Keith)

The British Army 1914-1918 (Fosten, D. S. V.- R. J. Marrion)

The German Army 1914-18 (Fosten, D. S. V.- R. J. Marrion)

The Mons Star (Ascoli, David)

Staff Officier (Bond, Brian.- and Simon Robbins.- edited by)

The First World War (Keegan, John)

The Donkeys (Clark, Alan)

The Battle of Jutland (Bennett, Geoffrey)

The Tenth (Irish) Division in Gallipoli (Cooper, Major Bryan)

Kategori: Grønland - Arktiske egne
Eskimo string figures and their origin (Paterson, T. T.)

Scott's sidste rejse (Scott)

Grønland 81 (Gynther, Bent.- red)

Godthåb seminarium 1907-1957 (Binzer.K.- K. Heilmann, Nik. Rovsing.- red.)

Voyage to Greenland (Laguna, Frederica de)

Peary - The Man Who Refused To Fail (Green, Fitzhugh)

Grønlandsbogen (Birket-Smith, Kaj.- Red.)

Grønland. Folk og land i vore dage (Oldendow, Knud)

Bjørnen i vågen - An Unusual Bearhunt (Rasmussen, Knud)

The North-West Passage (Thomson, George Malcolm)

I tell of Greenland (Berry, Francis)

Langthen og nordpaa (Vibe, Christian)

Kategori: Historie generelt
Broderede kors og stjerner (Westh, Jan Rene)

Christian Jürgensen Thomsen (Hansen, Ulla Lund.- red.)

Danmarks våben og krone (Bartholdy, Nils G.)

Museum. Tidsskrift for historie og geografi 1892. 1ste hefte (Bruun, Carl.- A. Hovgaard og P. Fr. Rist.)

Kirker og bygninger fra Geodætisk Instituts arkiv (Arentzen, E. Sloth - Kjeld de Fine Licht)

Nationalmuseets Arbejdsmark 1985 (Nationalmuseet)

Danmarks Rigsdag (Thorsen, Svend)

Nationalmuseets Arbejdsmark 1984 (Nationalmuseet)

Nationalmuseets Arbejdsmark 1984 (Nationalmuseet)

Borg og slot (Werner, Sigvart)

Tegn paa udvortes Erkjendelse... (Thornit, Per)

Nationalmuseets Arbejdsmark 1992 (Nationalmuseet)

Nationalmuseets Arbejdsmark 1988 (Nationalmuseet)

Vore gamle kirker (Hastrup, Thure)

Historiske fortællinger, IV. bind (Lund, Troels)

Nationalmuseets Arbejdsmark 1958 (Nationalmuseet)

Nationalmuseets Arbejdsmark 1981 (Nationalmuseet)

Redaktørforeningernes historie (Winther, Per)

Nationalmuseets Arbejdsmark 1955 (Nationalmuseet)

Vore herregaarde (Mathiasse,Therkel)

Nationalmuseets Arbejdsmark 1963 - 1965 (Kjersgaard, Erik.- red)

Ordenen de l Union Parfaite 1739-1770 (Westh, Jan Rene)

Aarbøger for nordisk Oldkyndighed og Historie 1981 (Diverse forfattere)

Hikuin 25 (Vellev, Jens.- red.)

Tider og typer. Af dansk aands historie (Andersen, Vilh.)

Nationalmuseets Arbejdsmark 1968 (Kjersgaard, Erik.- red)

Nationalmuseets arbejdsmark 1984 (Nationalmuseet)

Nationalmuseets Arbejdsmark 1974 (Nielsen, Henning.- redaktion)

Kategori: Historisk tid, før 1900
Gyldne altre (Nørlund, Poul)

Schleswig in der Statthalterzeit 1711-1836 (Skierka, Joachim)

Kong Frederik den Syvendes Regering (Thorsøe, Alex)

Danmarks Hædersdage i det nittende Aarhundrede (Thorsøe, Alex.)

Klunketid - en kavalkade (Spies, Margrethe)

Tipoldefars Danmark (Flamand, Ludvig Joseph)

Jens med guldklumpen (Thomsen, Thomas)

Noget om hår og skæg (Ramskou, Thorkild)

Kategori: Hobby - model
Porcelænsmaling som hobby (Olsen, Thorkild)

West Midland. A Railway in Miniature (Beal, Edward)

Railway Modelling in Miniature (Beal, Edward)

Modelling the Old-time Railways (Beal, Edward)

Modellbahn. Betrieb + Signale (Albrecht, Günther E. R. -Hans-Joachim Spieth)

Kategori: Humor & satire
The Better Taylors (Taylor, Richard)

Okkupationshumor (Ramfjord, Ottar)

Hurrah for St. Trinians (Searle, Ronald)

Kategori: Jagt - natur
Glade danske fisketure (Thomsen, Poul)

The pocket guide to Hunting (Chaumeton, Herve.- editor)

The Spell of the Honey Bee (Kelsey, Erik W.)

Traning the Rabbit Hound (Smith, Carl E.)

Jagthaandbogen. Bogen for Danmarks Jægere (Svendsen, Ludvi.- red.)

The feet of the Furtive (Roberts, Charles G. D.)

Die Raubvögel Deutschlands (Lutz, K. G.)

Fra fiskenes verden. Træk af ferskvandsfiskenes liv (Højgaard, M. - G. Mandahl-Barth)

Fra dyrenes stier (Bræstrup, F. W.)

Flore i farver (Christensen, M. Skytte)

Fra jagthytten ved Tannis Bugt (Nørgaard, Niels R.)

Jagtårbogen 1969/70 (Jensen, Th.)

Kategori: Klassisk oldtid
Römische Geschichte (Mommsen, Theodor)

The Later Roman Empire (Marcellinus, Ammianus)

History of the Byzantine Empire from DCCXVI to MLVII (Finlay, George)

The Punic Wars (Caven, Brian)

Medeia (Euripides)

Pharaoh Triumphant. The life and times of Ramesses II (Kitchen, K. A.)

The Thracians (Hoddinott, Ralph F)

The Lion Gate. A journey in search of the Mycenaeans (Cottrell, Leonard)

The Etruscans (Pallottino, M.)

The Mycenaeans (Taylour, Lord William)

Apologie (Platon)

The Greeks (Kitto, H. D. F.)

The Hittites and their contemporaries in Asia Minor (Macqueen, J.G.)

Famine and Food Supply in the Graeco-Roman World (Garnsey, Peter)

Egyptian Language (Budge, E. A. Wallis)

Warrior Pharaohs (Newby, P.H)

Cyprus. From the Stone age to the Romans (Karageorghis, Vassos)

Gods, Graves and Scholars. The Story of Archæology (Ceram, C. W.)

The Geographic background of Greek & Roman History (Cary, M.)

The Hittites (Gurney, O. R.)

The Etruscans (Keller, Werner)

The Histories (Tacitus)

Byblos through the ages (Jidejian, Nina)

Rome and Italy (Livy)

Digging up the Past (Woolley, Leonard)

Sounion, The Ruins and their history (Sounion, The Ruins and their history)

Egyptian Painting and Drawing in the British Museum (James, T. G. H.)

Ancient Corinth (Papahantzis, Nicos)

Mathematik, Maße und Gewichte in der Antike (Dilke, O. A. W.)

The Phoenicians (Harden, Donald)

Two Thousand Years in Rome (Mertz, Richard and Barbara)

Tutankhamun. The last journey (Macquitty, William)

The Egyptians (Aldred, Cyril)

Etruscan and Early Roman Architecture (Boethius, Axel)

The ancient economy (Chatto and Windus, 1973)

Herodotus. The Histories (Blanco, Walter.- Jennifer Tolbert Roberts.- edited by)

Kategori: Krigsspil - Tinsoldater m.m
British Minor Expeditions part I.- Lorient 1746, (Intelligence branch of the Quartermaster-Generals Departement, the.- Compiled in)

Der Zinnsoldat. Ein deutsches Spielzeug (Hampe, Theodor)

The collectors all-colour guide to Toy Soldiers (Rose, Andrew)

Bleisoldaten (Roer, Hans H.)

British Minor Expeditions part II.- Quiberon Bay 1795 (Intelligence branch of the Quartermaster-Generals Departement, the.- Compiled in)

Handbook for Model Soldier Collectors (Featherstone, Donald)

War Games Rules. Supplement one Adaption of Ancient Rules (Wargames Research Group)

Army lists. For use with rules 3000 BC - 1250 AD (Wargames Research Group)

War Games through the Ages 3000 BC to 1500 AD (Featherstone, Donald F.)

The Peninsular War. Wargaming in History. (Featherstone, Donald)

The Second Anglo-Boer War. Wargaming in History. (Herbert, Edwin)

Handbuch der Berliner Zinnfiguren (Scholtz, Werner)

Wargaming Airborne Operations (Featherstone, Donald)

Wargame Tactics (Grant, Charles.)

Army Lists (Barker, Phil)

D.B.M. Army lists. Book 2: 500 BC to 476 AD (Barker, Phil and Richard Bodley Scott)

D.B.M. Army lists. Book 4: 1071 AD to 1500 AD (Barker, Phil and Richard Bodley Scott)

Renaissance (Klaka, Jenn.- introduction)

Alexander The Greats Campaigns (Barker, Phil)

D.B.M. Army lists. Book 3: 476 AD to 1071 AD (Barker, Phil and Richard Bodley Scott)

The Last Crusade. A Wargamers guide to The Spanish Civil War (Cordery, Bob)

Military Modelling (Featherstone, Donald)

D.B.R. Army Lists (Barker, Phil)

La Ultima Cruzada (Cordery, Bob)

Simple fast play Ancient Wargame and Campaign rules (De Bellis Antiquitatis)

Combat Commander 1973-1983 (Smigelski, Ken)

Scenarios For All Ages (Grant, Charles Stewart .- Stuart A. Asquith)

The art of the Flat Tin Figure (Taylor, Michael )

Kategori: Kriminologi - Spionage
Secret Warfare (Norman, Bruce)

Carlos (Smith, Colin)

Detektivernes århundrede (Thorwald, Jürgen)

Fra fremmede retssale (Thorsteinsson, Th.)

Blekingegadebetjenten (Facius, Jeppe.- Anders-Peter Mathiasen)

Too secret too long (Pincher, Chapman)

Kategori: Litteraturhistorie
Writers and their work 1950-1957 (Beachcroft, T. O. general editor)

Studier i Richardsons romaner (Thomsen, Ejnar)

The Concise Encyclopædia of Modern World Literature (Grigson, Geoffrey)

Martin Luthers Liv og Hovedværker, I + II (Severinsen, P.)

Die deutsche Tragödie von Lessing bis Hebbel (Wiese, Benno von.)

Hvedekorn 38. årgang (Harder, Uffe.- Richard Winther)

Deliciarum Manipulus Danicarum. (Holstein Rathlou, Viggo Julius von)

Hvedekorn, 40. årgang (Harder, Uffe.- Richard Winther.- red.)

The development of english literature (Salling, Aage.- Sv. Bruun)

American Literature (Davies, Lee.- med flere)

The Oxford Companion to English Literature (Harvey, Paul.- Compiled and edited by,)

Hvedekorn, 39. årgang (Harder, Uffe.- Knud Holst og Richard Winther.- red.)

The literature of the United States (Cunliffe, Marcus)

Goethes West-Östlicher Divan (Hammerich, L. L.)

Geschichte der Weltliteratur (Laaths, Erwin)

Den erindrende Faun (Henriksen, Aage - Helge Therkildsen og Knud Wentzel)

Heretica Nr. 2 - 4. aarg. 1951 (Hansen, Martin A. og Ole Wivel.- red.)

Engelsk Arthur-digtning (Plesner, K. F.)

Heretica Nr. 1 - 4. aarg. 1951 (Hansen, Martin A. og Ole Wivel.- red.)

Daten deutscher Dichtung (Frenzel, Herbert A. & Elisabeth)

Linguistic studies in some Elizabethan writings I. (Dahl, Torsten)

Deutsche Literatur der Gegenwart. Themen, stile, tendenzen (Jens, Walter)

Dansk litteratur efter 1870 (Thomsen, Ejnar)

Nietzsche und das Labyrinth (Roos, Carl)

The Wessex Novels of Thomas Hardy (Williams, Randall)

Kategori: Lægekunst. Medicin - psykiatri m.m.
Schools of Psychoanalytic Thought (Munroe, Ruth L.)

Om den sexuele sundhedspleie (Ribbing, Seved)

Kampen mod autisme (Maurice, Catherine)

Christiern Thorckelsen Morsings danske Skrifter (Hansen, Axel.- Knud Jensenius)

Psychodiagnostics. A Diagnostic test based on Perception (Rorschach, Herman,)

Skrifter om Opdagelsen af Lymfesystemet (Bartholin, Thomas)

Mandens underliv (Purvis, Kenneth)

Hatha-Yoga (Brinkfort, Louis)

Kategori: Marine - Skibe
The Worlds Navies (Chant, Chris)

British Standard Ships of World War 1 (Mitchell, W. H. and L. A. Sawyer)

Modern Destroyers (Jordan, John)

History of the Royal Navy (Preston, Antony)

Defeat of the Wolf Packs (Jones, Geoffrey)

British Sea Power in the 1980s (Hill, J. R.)

The Rise and Fall of the Aircraft Carrier (Ireland, Bernard)

Steel & Ships (Grant, Allan)

A Victorian Maritime Album (Greenhill, Basil)

Modern Sub Hunters (Miller, David)

The story of the Sailing Ship (Mudie, Rosemary and Coloin)

Twentieth Century War Machines: SEA (Chant, Christopher)

The Worlds Navies (Westhorp, Chris)

The rise and fall of the british Navy (Humble, Richard)

Sailoers (Goldsmith-Carter, George)

The Worlds Navies (Miller, David)

Trafalgar (Howarth, David)

History of the Us Navy (Morris, James M.)

Modern US Navy (Jordan, John)

Modern Naval Combat (Miller, Davis.- Chris Miller)

The history of Ships (Kemp, Peter)

British Maritime Doctrine (The fundamentals of)

Silent Fleet. The German Designed Submarine Family (Ewerth, Hannes.- Peter Neumann)

Great Naval Actions of the British Navy 1588-1807 and 1916 (Warner, Oliver)

The Encyclopedia of World Sea Power (Bishop, Chris.- editor)

The Dinghy Year Book 1963 (Creagh-Osborne, Richard. (editor) )

Kategori: Mellemøsten
Araberfolket i sumpene (Thesiger, Wilfred)

Byzantine Art (Rice, David Talbot)

The Hittites (Gurney, O. R.)

Eventyr fra ørkensandet (Fibiger, Thomas)

En persisk satiriker fra mongolertiden (Christensen, Arthur)

Early Anatolia (Lloyd, Seton)

Firdausis kongebog (Christensen, Arthur)

Ur of the Chaldees (Woolley, Leonard)

Løfte og opfyldelse (Koestler, Arthur)

Ali and Muawiya, in early arabic tradition (Ladewig Petersen, Erling)

Chaldea - From the Earliest Times to the Rise of Assyria (Ragozin, Zenaide A.)

Kategori: Memoirer og breve
Breve Fra Magdalene Thoresen 1855-1901 (Thoresen, Magdalene.- Clausen, Julius og P. Fr. Rist)

Fra Fredensborg til Athen (Lüth, Christiane.- Clausen, Julius og P. Fr. Rist)

Optegnelser af Generalfiskal P. Uldall (Clausen, Julius og Fr. Rist, P.)

Breve fra Magdalene Thoresen (Thoresen, Magdalene - Clausen, Julius og Fr.Rist, P.)

Fra Fredensborg til Athen (Clausen, Julius og Fr.Rist, P.)

Kategori: Militær og krigshistorie generelt
Roots of Strategy. Book 3 (Phillips, Thomas R. - Editor)

The making of the worlds Elite Forces (White, Terry)

Dictionary of Military Terms (Messenger, Charles.)

The Blitzkrieg era and the German General Staff 1865-1941 (Addington, Larry H)

Amphibious Warfare (Polmar, Norman.- Mersky, Peter B.)

Det neutrale og loyale Belgien/Menneskeofre (Waxweiler, Emile)

Militaria Directory and Sourcebook 1996 (Windrow, Martin.- Alan Greene)

The Baroque Arsenal (Kaldor, Mary)

Men in Arms (Preston, Richard A. - Sydney F. Wise, and Herman O. Werner)

War Games (Allen, Thomas B)

A Century of War. (Miller, David)

Strategic Air Power (Posson, Stefan T.)

The World's Great Regiments (Melegari, Vezio)

The Barbarian Invasions (Delbruck, Hans)

Arteries of War (Sinclair, Joseph:)

De største feltherrer og deres krige (Black, Jereemy)

Airland Battle 2000 (Campbell, Christy)

Warfare in Antiquity. History of the Art of War, Volume I (Delbrück, Hans)

Understanding War (Dupuy, Col. T.N.)

Das Militärwesen (Pelet-Narbonne, v.- (Generalleutnant z. D.))

The Art of War. Waterloo to Mons (McElwee, William)

Geschichte des europäischen kriegswesens (Fuchs, Theodor)

The living thoughts of Clausewitz (Greene, Joseph I.)

The Lifeblood of War (Thompson, Julian)

Dying to win (Pape, Robert A.)

Mountain & Arctic Warfare (Gregory, Barry)

Recurring Logistic Problems (Magruder, General Carter B.)

Secret Forces. The Technique of Underground Movements (Miksche, F.O.)

Neues militairisches handbuch (Saint-Paul, Friedr. Wilh. Leopold von)

An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror (Frum, David.- Richard Perle)

Pure Logistic. The Science of War Preparation (Thorpe, George C.)

They also served (Forty, George and Anne.)

An Anthology of Military Quotations (Dewar, Michael, edited by)

Jungle Warfare (Cross, J. P.)

The military revolution (Parker, Geoffrey)

The Military Balance 1992-1993 (The International Institute for Strategic Studies)

Das Pferd im Militärwesen (Gless, Karlheinz)

The Professions of Arms (Hackett, General Sir John)

The Military Staff (Hittle, J.D. - Brigadier General United States Marine Corps (Ret))

The Pentagon's new map (Barnett, Thomas P M )

The Military Balance 1993-1994 (The International Institute for Strategic Studies)

The Origins of the war of 1870 (Howard Lord, Robert )

New Roles of Military Forces (Heurlin, Bertel.- Kristian Søby Kristensen, Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen & Sten Rynnin)

Mercenaries (Ripley, Tim)

The art of war in the middel ages (Oman, C. W. C.)

The Security of the Federal Republic of Germany (White paper 1973/1974)

The New High-Ground (Karas, Thomas)

Kejserkrigen. (Larsen Liljefalk, Axel.- Axel Theodor Larsen)

Bayonet Battle (Ripley, Tim)

Guerrilla Warfare (Pimlott, John.- Editor.)

Kategori: Mystik - Spiritisme - Parapsykologi etc.
Pyramidernes kræfter (Toth, Max.- Greg Nielsen)

Hvem var du? (Pilkinton, Maya - og The Diagram Group)

Kategori: Napoleonstiden
Armée D'Italie (Bonaparte, General en Chef de L armee D Italie)

French Artillery (Griffith, Patrick)

Waterloo (Howarth, David)

1815: The Armies at Waterloo (Pericoli, Ugo - Michael Glover and Elizabeth Longford)

Spanish Armies of the Napoleonic Wars (Pivka, Otto von)

Kategori: Nordiske lande
Langs den gamle Kongeveien (Kværne, Mathis)

Öland (Thaning, Olof.- red.)

Vårt Folks Historie (Dahl, Thorleif.- red)

The Royal Commemorative and Coronation Medals (Thornit, Per)

Surtsey. Islands nye vulkanø (Thorarinsson, Sigurdur)

Kategori: Norge
Processen mod Hamsun (Hansen, Thorkild)

Alene med Døden (Howarth, David)

Ni liv (Howarth, David)

Shetlands Larsen (Sælen, Frithjof)

Kategori: Om Bøger, Grafiske fag
Contemporary Danish Book Art (Larsen, Poul Steen. Exhibition Catalog by)

Domesday Book (Hallam, Elizabeth M.)

Skriftatlas For Bogvenner (Philip, Ejnar - Frederiksen, Erik Ellegaard - Thejls, Henry)

Mennesker og bøger (Rosenkilde, Volmer.- Eddie Salicath.- red)

Bogvennen 1962-63 (Dahl, Svend.- red.)

Kategori: Opdagelsesrejser - ekspeditioner
Fatuhiva (Heyerdahl, Thor)

Kon-Tiki Ekspeditionen (Heyerdahl, Thor)

Zoolog i Nord og Syd (Johnsen, Palle)

The Brendan Voyage (Severin, Tim)

Vor klodes erobring (Outhwaite, Leonard)

Kon-Tiki Ekspeditionen (Heyerdahl, Thor)

Kategori: Politisk- og militærudvikling
The Italian Anti-Fascist Press (1919-1945) (Rosengarten, Frank)

Afgørende aar (Welles, Sumner)

Kategori: Religion - Filosofi m.m.
Formel Logik (Brandt, Frithiof)

Af det stik-modsattes philosophi og andre betragtninger (Rovsing, M. (Capitain))

Den mekaniske naturopfattelse hos Thomas Hobbes (Brandt, Frithiof)

Mythologisk haandbog (Winther, Christian.- V. A. Bloch.- Udg.)

Ægyptens Visdom (Madsen, Henry)

Kategori: Romaner anden verdenskrig
Operation Texel (Dittrich, Volker)

Schindlers Liste (Keneally, Thomas)

Borgmesteren i Montoporco (Thomsen, Knud H.)

Ragnarok (Green, Gerald)

Stedfortræderen (Hochhuth, Rolf)

U-859 (Baudzus, Arthur)

Eskadrille 633 (Smith, Frederick E.)

Europe in the spring (Boothe, Clare)

Kategori: Romaner besættelsen 1940-45
Ikke som en spottefugl (Steensen-Leth, Bodil)

Befrielse (Hansen, Gynther)

Soldaterne (Hansen, Gynther)

Kategori: Royale, militære, politikere m.m.
The Boyhood of a Great King 1841-1858 (Eward VII.- Broadley, A M.)

Elizabeth and Essex (Strachey, Lytton)

Danmarks Dronning (Margrethe II.- Jørgensen, Poul)

Livserindringer af Oberst Søren Chr. Barth (Barth, Søren Chr.)

Dronning Elisabeth (Elisabeth.- Neale, J. E.)

Œuvres posthumes de Frédéric II. Roi de Prusse (Frederic II. (Friedrich II))

Mr. Churchill. A Pictorial Cavalcade of his life (Churchill, Winston.- A Man in the street)

Margrethe (Margrethe II. Dronning - Bistrup, Annelise)

Folke Bernadotte (Bernadotte, Folke.- Dahlby, Frithiof)

My darling Clementine (Churchill.- Fishman, Jack)

Churchill, the man of the century (Churchill.- Ferrier, Neil - red)

Die Wittelsbacher (Rall, Hans und Marga Rall)

Charles II. His Life and Likeness (Charles II.- Pearson, Hesketh)

Jacob Brønnum Scavenius Estrup (Estrup,- Thaulow, Th.)

Catherine the Great (Catherine the Great.- Anthony, Katharine)

En familie og dens Dronning (Wolden-Ræthinge, Anne)

Minderige Steder i Grundtvigs Liv (Grundtvig.- Holt, Thyra)

Anthon Frederik Tscherning (Jørgensen, Tormod)

Dronning og menneske (Margrethe II.- Hansen, Ernst Fr.)

Katharina den Stores erindringer 1729-1759 (Maroger, Dominique (red.))

Kennedys tusinde dage i det Hvide Hus (Kennedy.- Schlesinger Jr., Arthur M)

Frederick the Great (Mitford, Nancy)

Lawrence and the Arabs (Lawrence, T. E.- Graves, Robert)

Lawrance, the story of his life (Lawrence, T. E.- Robinson, Edward)

The Diplomatic Diaries of Oliver Harvey 1937-1940 (Harvey, John.- edi.)

Portrait of Churchill (Eden, Guy)

The nine days Queen (Grey, Jane.- Davey, Richard)

Margrethe, Danmarks Dronning (Margrethe II.- Poul Jørgensen - Jens Lyngby Jepsen)

The life of General Gordon (Boulger, Demetrius C.)

Eroberen (Ellemann-Jensen, Uffe.- Larsen, Thomas)

Admiral Jellicoe (Applin, Arthur)

Montgomery - Erindringer 1-2 (Montgomery of Alamein, Field-Marshal The Viscount)

Kærlighed i Kiel (Ræder, Jacob Thode)

Triumf og Tragedie. Kennedy´ernes historie. (Moody Jr. Sidney C. - Red.)

Soldier on (Ansell, Sir Mike)

The life of Nelson (Nelson.- Callender, Geoffrey)

Dronning Ingrid 75 (Drinning Ingrid.- Thomas, Viktor)

Margrethe den Første (Etting, Vivian)

En dansk Statsminister (Schack-Rathlou,- Thaulow, Th.)

Th. Stauning. Mennesket og Politikeren (Stauning, Th.- Red. Børge Schmidt)

Claus Hinrich Christensen (1768-1841) (Meiners, Jörn)

En General og hans Samtid (With, Erik.- Hedegaard Ole A.)

Kategori: Rusland/Sovjetunionen
The Escape of Alexei (Petrov, Vadim.- Igor Lysenho, Georgy Egorov)

Sovjet Unionen set indefra (Gunther, John)

Russerne (Smith, Hedrick)

The Five-year Plan for Economic Construction (The Soviet Union looks ahead)

The End of The Romanovs (Alexandrov, Victor)

War and Pease and The Soviet Union (Graham, Gore)

The File on the Tsar (Summers, Anthony.- Tom Mangold)

Blev Tsarfamilien myrdet? (Summers, Anthony.- og Tom Mangold)

The Birth of the Russian Democracy (Sack, A. J.)

An ambassadors memoirs (Paleologue, Maurice)

Geography of the U.S.S.R. (Mellor, R. E. H.)

Soviet Union (Schulthess, Emil)

Red eagle (Wheatley, Dennis)

A Day in the Life of the Soviet Union (Walter, Thomas K.- Art Director)

Kategori: Skønlitteratur på tysk
Berlin (Plievier, Theodor)

Das Ende der Dressur (Vilar, Esther)

Joseph und seine Brüder (Mann, Thomas)

Spectaculum 37 - Sechs moderne Theaterstücke. (Suhrkamp)

Goethes Gedichte. (Goethe, Johann Wolfgang)

Spectaculum 38 - Sechs moderne Theaterstücke. (Suhrkamp)

Spectaculum 34. Ein szenarium und fünf moderne Theaterstücke (Suhrkamp Verlag.)

Soldaten (Hochhuth, Rolf)

Spectaculum 36. Sechs moderne Theatherstücke (Suhrkamp)

Figur und Schatten (Bergengruen, Werner)

Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre (Goethe)

Der Ackermann aus Böhmen (Tepl, Johannes von (Saaz))

Schriften zum Theater (Brecht, Bertolt)

Romulus und Wörthersee. Ein Poetisches wörterbuch (Brandstetter, Alois)

Die Drahtharfe (Biermann, Wolf)

Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull (Mann, Thomas)

Martin Luther & Thomas Münzer (Forte, Dieter)

Effi Briest (Fontane, Theodor)

Spectaculum 35. Sechs Moderne Theaterstücke (Suhrkamp)

Spectaculum 40. Acht moderne Theaterstücke (Suhrkamp Verlag.)

Kategori: Slesvigske krige
Fortællinger fra Felten (Dr. H.)

Additamenta til Linieskibet Christian VIIIs skæbne (Bjerre, Th.)

I fjendevold (Kaufmann, Th.)

1864 (Thornit, Per)

Eckernførde (Bjerre, Thorkel)

Bismarcks First War (Embree, Michael)

Kategori: Spanien
Syd for Pyrenæerne. Fire år i Spanien (Linnemann, Willy-August)

Kategori: Storbritainen
The borough Town of Stratford-upon-Avon (Fox, Levi)

History of Scotland (Hume Brown, P)

Bath and Wells (Salmon, Arthur L.)

Altenglische Herrensitze (Nash, Joseph)

England. Den ukendte Ø (Cohen-Portheim, Paul)

The Voice of Wales (Griffith, Wyn)

The Lion in the North (Prebble, John)

Citizens And Founders (Hadley, Guy)

Domestic Annals of Scotland (Chambers, Robert)

A Book of Britain (Hadfield, John (Compiled By))

Travel in England (Burke, Thomas)

The Clans and Tartans of Scotland (Bain, Robert)

Britain before the norman conquest (Great Britain. Ordnance Survey)

Kategori: Topografi
Århus Stifts Aarbøger 1961 (Historisk Samfund for Aarhus Stift)

Bro og by (Holstebro.- Ramskou, Thorkild m.fl.)

Den gamle By. 2000 (Ravn, Thomas Bloch.- Elsebeth Aasted.- red.)

Vendsyssel årbog 1976 (Vendsyssel, Nørrelykke, C..- red.)

Vendsyssel årbog 1991 (Vendsyssel, Jørgensen, Jørgen.- red.)

Købstadsmuseet "Den gamle By". Årbog 1986 (Kjersgaard, Erik.- Henrik Nyrop-Christensen.- red.)

Århus Stifts Årbøger 1960 (Historisk Samfund for Århus Stift)

Amalienborg ( Larsen, Thomas.- Bjarke Ørsted og Jørgen Larsen)

Horsens Borgerlige Skyttelaug (Horsens.- Jørgensen, Carl Theodor)

Købstadsmuseet "Den gamle By". Årbog 1991 (Kjersgaard, Erik.- Henrik Nyrop-Christensen.- red.)

Århus Stifts Aarbøger 1956 (Historisk Samfund for Aarhus Stift)

En Rebild saga. A Rebild saga (Qvistorff, Helge V.)

Købstadsmuseet Den gamle By. Årbog 1971 (Rasmussen, Gunnar.- red.)

Fynske minder 1966 (Diverse forfattere)

Eligerede borgere i Århus 1740-1837 (Århus.- Thestrup, Anna)

Købstadsmuseet "Den gamle By". Årbog 1986 (Kjersgaard, Erik.- Henrik Nyrop-Christensen.- red.)

Fynske minder 1967 (Diverse forfattere)

Sct. Catharinæ kirke, Hjørring (Christensen, Poul H.)

Aarhus Theater. Dets tilblivelse og dets arbejde (Bayer, Albert)

Træk af skibsfartens udvikling i Svendborg Toldsted. (Holm-Petersen, F.)

Danmark I+II Færøerne, Island og Grønland (Mortensen, Niels Th. og Cai M. Woel- red.)

FRAM 1993 (Diverse forfattere)

Vendsyssel årbog 1987 (Vendsyssel, Jørgensen, Jørgen.- red.)

Statistisk-topographisk Beskrivelse af kongeriget Danmark (Trap, J. P.)

Aarhus kunstbygning 1917-1967 (Århus.- Gregersen, Emil.- Jørgen Thorsted.- red.)

Hanstholm Havn (Hanstholm.- Martensen-Larsen, Florian)

Iagttagelser på Thyholm. (Boysen, Benny)

Øerne i nordhavet (Lingskov Hansen, Johannes.- og Niels Th. Mortensen.- red.)

Et horsens-Sekel og Mennesker, der var (Horsens.- Jørgensen, Carl Th.)

Aarhuus-tids-fordriv (With, Johan Albrecht)

Vendsyssel årbog 1989 (Vendsyssel, Jørgensen, Jørgen.- red.)

Kategori: Transport
Horse-Drawn Vehicles since 1760 (Ingram, Arthur)

Reisen mit der schmalspurbahn (Feuereissen, Günther)

Fortress Railways of the Baltic Shores (Helme, Mehis:)

The Railway Album (Wolff, E. S.)

Små tog på spinkle skinner (Christiansen, H. Gerner.- O. Winther Laursen)

75 år med FDM og bilen (Andersen, Jesper Winther.- red.)

British Rail Main line (Ian Allan)

A Bibliography of british Railway history (Ottley, George)

Train and Transport. A Collectors guide (Andersson, Janice.- and Edmund Swinglehurst)

Railways. The Pioneer Years (Fletcher, Malcolm., and John Taylor)

Bahnen der Voralpen (Trüb, Walter.- Franz Marti)

History on the road (Anderson, J. R. L.)

Trains of the world (Hollingsworth, Brian)

The Horizon book of Railways (Wrottesley, A.J.F., Walkden Fisher, Derek Waldren, J.R. Day, and others.)

Classic American Motorcycles (Rafferty, Tod)

Die Heidebahn (Lawrenz, Dierk.- Eichmann, Lothar)

Beitrage zur Schweizerischen Eisenbahngeschichte (Mathys, Ernst.)

Kategori: Tyskland
Wartburg Sprüche (no name)

Drei Tausendjährige Stadte (Calice, Rudolf Graf: )

Auf zur Reise durch Hamburgs Geschichte (Prange, Carsten)

Deutsche Gestalten. Studien zum 19. jahrhundert (Heuss, Theodor)

Das herrliche Thüringen. (Hansmann, Bruno. ( hrsg) )

Profile. Nachzeichnungen aus der Geschichte (Heuss, Theodor)

Geschichte der Deutschen (Sethe, Paul)

Kategori: Udenlandsk militærhistorie
Axis Forces in Yugoslavia 1941-5 (Thomas, N.- K. Mikulan - D. Pavelic)

The Black Watch (Grant, Charles)

The Scottish Highlands. (Keltie, John S.- editor)

History of the Scottish Regiments (Paul, William Pratt)

The New Mercenaries (Mockler, Anthony)

Special Forces Club (No Author)

The German allied troops (Eelking, Max von.- Osengarten, J. G.)

This kind of war (Fehrenbach, T. H.)

Finlands Frihetskrig (Donner, Kai.- Th. Svedin, Keikki Nurmio.- red.)

Queen Victorias Enemies (2): Northern Africa (Knight, Ian)

From the Danube to the Yalu (Clark, Mark W. General)

Signal Corps Field Manual FM 11-15 (Chief Signal Officer)

A companion to the British Army 1660-1983 (Ascoli, David)

From Horse to Helicopter (Sutton, John.- Walker, John)

Fighting with the Guards (Briant, Keith)

The Army of Charles II (Childs, John)

Battles of the English Civil War (Woolrych, Austin)

Disease and Empire (Curtin, Philip D)

The Crimean War 1853-56 (Embleton, G. A.)

War and Administration (Sweetman, John)

Carrier operations. The Vietnam War (Marolda, Edward J.)

The Victorian Army in photographs (Clammer, David)

The Wars of the Roses (Goodman, Anthony)

The Generalship of Alexander the Great (Fuller, Major-General J.F.C)

Topographic Symbols. FM 21-31 (Department of the Army Fiels Manual)

The one that got away (Ryan, Chris)

Soldiers of the Queen. (Ogle, Richard)

The English Civil War 1642-1651 (Haythornthwaite, Philip J.)

History of the Royal Army Ordnance Corps (Fernyhough,Brigadier A.H.)

The Dragon's Teeth. Inside China's Armed Forces (Young, John Robert)

The German General Staff Its History And Structure 1657-1945 (Görlitz, Walter)

A History of the Regiments & Uniforms of the British Army (Barnes, R. M.)

The American Indian Wars 1860-1890 (Katcher, Philip)

Krigens stemmer (Arthur, Max)

The Predecessors of the Royal Army Service Corps (Masse, Lieutenant-Colonel C.H.)

The Gulf War (Manners, Terry)

The War in Iraq. A photo History (Regan Books (Edited by))

Atlas of the English Civil War (Newman, Peter)

The Remote Garrison (Stanley, Peter)

Manual of Movement (War) (Command of the Army Council)

Confederate Commissary General (Moore, Jerrold Northrop)

British Soldiers (Johnston, S. H. F.)

Æreslegionen 1802-2002 (Vidstrup, Anders.- Jan Rene Westh)

The Brass Hat. A Staff Officers Guide (Stradling Group Captain A.H.)

Den spanske Borgerkrig (Thomas, Hugh)

Battles In Britain 1642-1746. And Their Political Background (Seymour, William)

The British Army Book (Danby Paul and Cyril Field)

History of the US Army (Morris, James M.)

The story of the Staff College 1858-1958 (Young, F.W. Lieutenant Colonel)

The Soviet Naval Air Force since 1945 (Rasmussen, Peter Hertel)

The Battle of Barnet and Tewkesbury (Hammond, P. W)

Organization and administration in the Indian Army (Singh, Brigadier Rajendra)

Scarlet into Khaki (Grierson, James Moncrieff)

A history of the Army Medical Department. Volume 2 (Cantlie, Lt.Gen.Sir Neil.)

Irish Battles (Hayes-McCoy, G.A)

Basis Training. United States Army Training Center Infantry (Fort Jackson, South Carolina)

The modern US War Machine (Bonds, Ray)

Army life in the ’90s (Warner, Philip)

Royal Army Service Corps Training. (The War Office)

The Life and Campaigns of the Black Prince (Barber, Richard (edited and translated))

The Generalship of Alexander the Great (Fuller, J. F. C.)

Animal management (Veterinary Department of the War Office)

History of US military operations (Anderson, Kenneth)

The Arab Legion (Young, Peter)

Per Mare - Per Terram. A History of the Royal Marines (Smith, Peter C.)

The book of the Samurai (Turnbull, Stephen R )

Strassburgs Beleiring i Aaret 1870 (Thalbitzer, V. A. Premierlieutenant i Artilleriet)

The Royal Army Service Corps (Fortescue, John.- R. H. Beadon)

Antiaircraft, Artillery, Automatic Weapons (Department of the Army Field Manual)

The History of The Royal Army Veterinary Corps 1919-1961 (Clabby, Brigadier J.)

The US Air Force After Vietnam (Mrozek, Donald J.)

My God - Maiwand! (Maxwell, Leigh.)

One Hundred and Seventy-five Battles (Shaw, Roger; Vestal, S.C.)

British soldiers (Johnston, S. H. F.)

Supply in the Field. Military Training Pamphlet No. 9 (The War Office)

Invasion Road (Warner, Philip)

The Royal Army Service Corps (Crew, Graeme)

History of the U.S.Army (Morris, James M.)

Wait for the waggon (Sutton, Brigadier John)

Commando. Winning the green beret (McManners, Hugh)

The Regimental March of the Royal Corps of Transport (Thomas, I. G. and C. W. P. Coan.- compiled by)

The Austro-Hungarian Army (Seaton, Albert)

Tactics and Technique of Infantry (Sweet, J. B.,- ed)

Der Deutsche Soldaten kalender 1954 (Thevos, Robert)

Heroes of the SAS (Davies, Barry)

British Cavalry Standards (Lemonofides, Dion)

Gli Eserciti Italiani (Franzosi, Pier Giorgio.- editor)

The British Military. Its system and organization 1803-1815 (Park, S. J.- G. F. Nafziger)

Frederick the Greats Army (Seaton, Albert)

Who dares wins (Geraghty, Tony)

En Campagne (Richard Jules (text); A. De Neuville (illus).)

The English Civil War (Honeywell, Chris.- Spear, Gill)

A concise history of the spanish civil war (Jackson, Gabriel)

The British Army in 1890 (Walton, Lieutenant Colonel P. S)

Service of the piece 40-mm Fire unit. FM 44-60 (War Department Field Manual)

The Chiefs. The Story of the United Kingdom Chiefs of Staff (Jackson, William.- Lord Bramall)

National defence. The romanian view (Cernat, Iulian.- F. Ionescu.- editor)

Der deutsche Krieg von 1866 (Fontane, Theodor)

The history of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England (Edward Earl of Clarendon)

The Turn of the Wheel (Turpin, Major General Patrick G.)

Examination for Admission to the Staff Colleges at Camberley (The War Office)

This is the SAS (Geraghty, Tony)

The English Civil War (Ashley, Maurice)

Marlboroughs Army 1702-11 (Barthorp, Michael)

In harm's way (Bell, Martin)

The Vietnam War. (Bond, Ray.- editor)

France and her Army (Gaulle, Charles de)

The Uniforms & history of the Scottish Regiments (Money Barnes, Major R and C Kennedy Allen.)

A history of the Army Medical Department. I (Cantlie, Lt. Gen. Sir Neil)

Die Geschichte des deutschen Generalstabes von 1918 bis 1945 (Erfurth, Waldemar)

SBS. The inside story of the Special Boat Service. (Parker John )

The Coldstream Guards (Grant, Charles)

Giant ot the Grand Siècle. The French Army 1610-1715 (Lynn, John A)

The Staff and the Staff College (Godwin-Austen, Brevet-Major A R)

Kategori: Udenlandske forfattere
Skoven (Strömholm, Stig)

En studie i rødt (Doyle, Arthur Conan)

Den mystiske Søvn (Smith, Dodie)

The poetical works of John Keats (Keats, John (Edited by H.W. Garrod.))

Are you afraid of the Dark? (Sheldon, Sidney)

Stenleoparden (Forbes, Colin)

Hemmelige budskaber (Rendell, Ruth)

Martha Quest (Lessing, Doris)

Forsinket alibi - Det forstenede ansigt (Christie, Agatha)

The water beetle (Mitford, Nancy)

Macbeth. En tragedie (Shakespeare, William)

Katharina Blums tabte ære (Böll, Heinrich)

Silver blaze (Doyle, Arthur Conan)

Military Mayhem (Horricks, Raymond.- Editor)

The Secret Pilgrim (Carré, John le)

Gullivers rejser (Swift, Jonathan)

De dødes gade (Anthony, Evelyn)

The Life and times of Beau Brummell (Franzero, Carlo Maria)

De ni ubekendte - Tretten minutter over fire (Christie, Agatha)

Scorpia (Horowitz, Anthony)

Guldminen (Smith, Wilbur)

Mignon (Goethe)

Grumme Tirsdag (Nix, Garth)

Den bundne Prometheus (Æschylos)

El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha (Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de)

The complete plays of Ben Jonson (Jonson, Ben.- Felix E. Schelling)

Fem minutter i himlen (Alther, Lisa)

San Luis Rey broen (Wilder, Thornton)

The dark is light enough (Fry, Christopher)

Silmarillion (Tolkien, J. R. R.)

The Forgotten King (Hudson, Derek)

Den lange Weekend (Howard, Elizabeth Jane)

En almindelig pige (Miller, Arthur)

Døden kommer med posten - De syv urskiver (Christie, Agatha)

Eclipse of the Cresent Moon (Gárdonyi, Géza)

Poems of Tennyson 1830-1870 (Warren, T. Herbert (editor))

Mignon (Goethe)

Den unge olding (Mille, Anatole)

Alice in Wonderland (Carroll, Lewis)

Fuglen og træet (Goudge, Elisabeth)

Prinsesse Daisy (Krantz, Judith)

Bolværket (Dreiser, Theodore)

Farlig vej til Kina (Cleary, Jon)

Timmins lille middag (Thackeray, William Makepeace)

Den mystiske søvn (Smith, Dodie)

Three plays.Our Town, The Skin of Our Teeth, The Matchmaker. (Wilder, Thornton)

Much ado about nothing (Shakespeare, William)

Stolthed og fordom (Austen, Jane)

Skjulte kræfter (Scortia, Thomas N. & Robinson, Frank M.)

April in Paris (Wallner, Michael)

Over Gaarden til venstre (Birkenfeld, Günther)

Den bedragne (Mann, Thomas)

Werke (Fontane, Theodor)

Kejserinde og kvinde. Katharina den Store (Arkina, Nina)

Nøglerne til gaden (Rendell, Ruth)

Silver Blaze (Doyle, Arthur Conan)

Arvesynder (Alther, Lisa)

Anna Karenina (Tolstoj, Leo)

Til mormor (Berg, Catherine)

Hjertets hemmeligheder (Buchan, Elizabeth)

Den tredie pige - Mord i ørkenen (Christie, Agatha)

The Countess Tekla (Barr, Robert)

The Comedians (Greene, Graham)

Magtens sværd 1+2 (Smith, Wilbur)

Særlingen (Behan, Brendan)

Chips with everything (Wesker, Arnold)

The Hostage (Behan, Brendan)

Danmarks-Karavanen (Rohde, Ruth Bryan)

Malenkov-affæren (Anthony, Evelyn)

ABC mordene - Mordet i Orient Ekspressen (Christie, Agatha)

Et Aar med min Have (Capek, Karel)

The Professor (Bronte, Charlotte)

Dødes Drabanter (Forsyth, Frederick)

Dæmoner (Theotokas, Giorgos)

En god dag at dø (Berger, Thomas)

Huset Thüringer (Istrati, Panaït)

Cæsars sidste dage. (Wilder, Thornton)

Afhopper (Anthony, Evelyn)

Moral for smukke piger (Smith, Alexander McCall)

Orbit (Block, Thomas H.)

Konen fra Bath (Chaucer, Geoffrey)

Glemslens forår (Willumsen, Dorthe)

Strange fruit (Smith, Lillian)

Scottish and other Miscellanies (Carlyle, Thomas)

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (Bronte, Anne)

Formynderen (Shute, Nevil)

Slugten (Smith, Wilbour)

Ida Elisabeth (Undset, Sigrid)

Forår i Magadan (Olcott, Anthony)

Pickwick-Klubben (Dickens, Charles)

Death of a Salesman (Miller, Arthur)

Ekskonernes klub (Olivia Goldsmith)

Men Without Women (Hemingway, Ernest)

A selection of Poems by Edgar Allan Poe (Poe, Edgar Allan)

North Star (Innes, Hammond)

Tonio Krøger (Mann, Thomas)

De forbyttede hoveder (Mann, Thomas)

Markerne (Strömholm, Stig)

Væven (Bergstrand-Poulsen, Elisabeth)

Guds knyttede Næve (Forsyth, Frederick)

The Murder Room (James, P. D.)

A Christmas Carol (Dickens, Charles)

Masken (Thurston, Kathrine Cecil)

ABC mordene (Christie, Agatha)

Den skjulte Sandhed (Michael, Judith)

Zatthu eller Jesus? (Sears, Edmund H.)

Katherine (Min, Anchee)

Mallen-skæbner (Cookson, Catherine)

Dalen (Strömholm, Stig)

Vredens land 1 + 2 (Smith, Wilbur)

Guldminen (Smith, Wilbur)

Skjulte kræfter (Scortia, Thomas N.- Frank M Robinson)

Maggie (Smith, Betty)

Det Hvide Hotel (Thomas, D. M.)

All the Mowgli stories (Kipling, Rudyard)

Mallen-arvingerne (Cookson, Catherine)

Liget i biblioteket (Christie, Agatha)

The House Gun (Gordimer, Nadine)

Farlig Landing (Castle, John og Hailey, Arthur)

Diamantjægerne (Smith, Wilbur)

Bilernes by (Hailey, Arthur)

Two or three graces (Huxley, Aldous)

Skønne Catherine (Benzoni, Juliette)

En opiumsdrankers bekendelser (Quincey, Thomas de)

Travels with my aunt (Greene, Graham)

Let at myrde - Parker Pyne, mesterdetektiv (Christie, Agatha)

Mallen-Sagaen (Cookson, Catherine)

The Complete works of William Shakespeare (Shakespeare, William)

Von Ryans ekspres (Westheimer, David)

Uskyldig mistænkt (Hughes, Dorothy B.)

Invitation til mord (Christie, Agatha)

Levende billeder (Alther, Lisa)

Døden i Malaspiga (Anthony, Evelyn)

Arven (Shute, Nevil)

Sister Carrie (Dreisler, Theodore)

Afgang 4.50 fra Paddington - En håndfuld rug (Christie, Agatha)

Overlevende blandt ulve (Defonseca, Misha)

Venusbjerget (Powell, Anthony)

Threads of Time (Silverberg, Robert.- Edi.)

English verse. in five volumes (Peacock, W.)

Samson Agonistes (Milton, John)

West Side Story (Robbins,- Arthur Laurents, Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim)

Villa Rubein (Galsworthy, John)

Gidslet fra Teheran (Anthony, Evelyn)

Den skjulte sandhed (Michael, Judith)

Kong Athur og hans ædle riddere (Steinbeck, John)

Halvmaanen (Tagore, Rabindranath)

Bertrams hotel - Dødens tempel (Christie, Agatha)

Tennysons Idylls of the King (MacCallum, M. W.)

2010 (Clarke, Arthur C)

The Firstborn (Fry, Christopher)

The bridge of San Luis Rey (Wilder, Thornton)

På fast grund (Alther, Lisa)

The Confidential Clerk (Eliot, T. S.)

Skygger i natten (Anthony, Evelyn)

Sjakalen (Forsyth, Frederick)

Elven kommer (Matthis, Henry Peter)

Døden lurer - En af mine sønner (Christie, Agatha)

The Winter of our discontent (Steinbeck, John)

Huset Buddenbrook (Mann, Thomas)

Tunnellen (Kellermann, Barnhard)

Nineteen Eighty-Four (Orwell, George)

Den blå karfunkel (Doyle, Arthur Conan)

Den brændende kyst (Smith, Wilbur)

Theodora. Fra kvindernes gade til kejserens trone (Wellman, Paul I.)

Esther Costello (Monsarrat, Nicolas)

Frisky Tales (Farren, Lady)

Kategori: Verdenshistorie generelt
Kulturens veje (Birket-Smith, Kaj)

Light from the Ancient Past (Finegan, Jack)

Geschichte der Kultur (Birket-Smith, Kaj)

Stat og borger (Westrup, C. W)

Om demokrati (Jefferson, Thomas)

Schicksalsstunden der Weltgeschichte (Sethe, Paul)

The Anarchists (Kenward, Roderick)

The Outline of History (Wells, H.G.)

Fra fremmede Lande (Atheim, J.)

Jorden og dens Beboere (Hellwald, Friedrich von)

Kildekritik (Clausen, H. P.)

Revolutionen i perspektiv (Charlesworth, Mary)

Usikkerhedens år (Galbraith, John Kenneth)

Kategori: Værker
Skildret af danske zoologer (Vort Lands Dyreliv)

History of England (Mahon, Lord)

Kategori: Våben/ uniformer
Vaabenhistoriske Aarbøger nr. 48 (Skøtt.- Ole.- Redaktør)

Defensive Shooting for Real-life Encounters (Mroz. Ralph)

The Worlds Great Handguns (Ford, Roger)

Rifles of the World (Achard, Olivier)

Vaabenhistoriske Aarbøger XVI (Vaabenhistorisk Selskab)

Skytte. Håndbog for skytter - uanset ståsted (Tholstrup, N. L.)

The great Guns (Peterson, Harold L.- Robert Elman)

Royal Arms at Rosenborg (Hoff, Arne.- H. D. Schepelern and Gudmund Boesen)

Deutsche Militär Handfeuerwaffen (Vollmer, Udo)

Tøjhusmuseet - Billedkatalog for den permanente udstilling (Tøjhusmuseet)

Battlefield. The weapons of modern land warfare (Hogg, Ian.- Christopher Foss)

De första långa svärden (Seitz, Heribert)

Militärstadt Spandau (Theissen, Andrea.- Wirtgen, Arnold )

Combat Handguns (Thompson, Leroy)

Den dansk-norske Hærs Sidevaaben (Smith, Otto)

Vaabenhistoriske Aarbøger 2006 (Skøtt, Ole.- Red)

The Indian Sword (Rawson, P. S.)

Karolinske Kaarder, i Tøjhusmuseet i København (Smith, Otto)

Ældre dansk bøssemageri, især i 1600-tallet (Hoff, Arne)

The Journal of the Arms & Armour Society (Blair, C. - editor)

Livrustkammaren (Kungl. Livrustkammaren)

The Encyclopedia of Weaponry (Hogg, Ian V.)

Modern Guns. Identification & Values (Quertermous, Russsell - Steve Quertermous)

Vaabenhistoriske Aarbøger nr. 50 (Skøtt, Ole.- red.)

Uniforms of the Seven Years War. Austria (N/A)

The Orders, Medals and History of Montenegro (Romanoff, Dimitri )

Det Kongelige Partikulære Rustkammer I. (Smith, Otto)

Alles über munition für Jagdwaffen (Rausch, Wolfgang )

Collectors Guns (Myrus, Don)

Badges of the British Army (Wilkinson, F.)

Military Fashion (Mollo, John)

Firearms assembly/disassembly (Wood, J. B.)

Hirschfængere i dansk privateje (Jacobsen, Holger)

Pictorial History of the Rifle (Swenson, George W. P)

Assault Weapons (Lewis, Jack - edited by)

Tradition, No. 51-60 (Nicholson, J. B. R.- Editor)

The Tactical Advantage (Suarez, Gabriel)

Brasseys Infantry Weapons of the World. 1950-1975 (Owen, J. I. H. )

Tradition, No. 61-76 (Nicholson, J. B. R.- Editor)

Tradition, No. 31-40 (Nicholson, J. B. R.- Editor)

Weapons and equiptment of the SAS (Darman, Peter)

Tradition, No. 11-20 (Nicholson, J. B. R.- Editor)

British Eight Army North Africa 1940-43 (Adair, Robin)

Den Nye Th Møller. Gamle danske militærvåben (Løvschall, Frans)

The Book of Colt Engraving (Wilson, R.L. )

Tradition, No. 1-10 (Forsten, Bryan.- Laurence Keeble, D.S.V. Forsten.- Editors)

Vaabenhistoriske Aarbøger XXXIX (Vaabenhistorisk Selskab)

Army Badges and Insignia of World War 2, 1 + 2 (Rosignoli, Guido )

Machine Guns (Gander, Terry)

Kaukasiske Våben fra Eremitagemuseet, Skt. Petersborg (Skøtt, Ole.- red.)

The Worlds Great Machine Guns (Ford, Roger)

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